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1)  How is payment made?

We have ordinary German or EU bank accounts where you can easily transfer money. In addition, we offer our regular customers the option of paying immediately or by credit card. Payment via PayPal is unfortunately not possible.

2)  How is the shipment done ?

Basically, we ship discreetly, unobtrusively and insured! We ship within 24 hours of receiving your order, usually the same day. For more information on shipping, visit our shipping information page

3)  Can I have it delivered to a Packstation?

Yes of course it is possible. We work closely with DHL. If you want the shipment to a packing station, please enter your post number in the additional address field. If you have problems with this, we can of course change the shipping address afterwards.

4)  Can I cancel the order?

Yes, that may be possible. For this you have to contact our contact via email.

5)  Is my data safe with you?

Definitely! We place the highest value on discretion, anonymity and security. Both for us and for our customers. Not only on the Internet but also in the office. Our servers are located abroad and are not accessible to any kind of authorities. All customer data and orders are stored in a specially secured database. In principle, we do not give out any data, in particular we do not sell your e-mail address!

6)  How do I know what I'm getting delivered?

If you order a specific product from us, you will get exactly that product! In the rare event that a product is out of stock, we will only send higher quality products as a replacement. It is therefore possible, for example, that you will receive Super-Kamagra instead of Double-X-Power.

7) Do the products have a long enough shelf life?

In any case. We are always transparent and honest, which is why we also write the expiry dates for our products. In any case, all products have a sufficiently long shelf life, so that it is also worth buying larger quantities at a better price.

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