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Having erectile dysfunction is not uncommon and should never be a cause for shame. The causes are very diverse and can be both physical and psychological. The sexual enhancer Cenforce takes advantage of the proven properties of the active ingredient Sildenafil, which has already helped numerous men in the Viagra product. The PDE-5 inhibitor relaxes the muscles in the blood vessels around the penis. This improves blood circulation so that more blood can enter the erectile tissue. The result is a hard and long lasting erection every man deserves. So, just like Viagra, this generic drug manufactured by Centurion Laboratories in India achieves the same effect. However, you benefit from the advantage that this product is much cheaper.

Instructions for safe use:

Swallow one tablet of Cenforce 45 to 60 minutes before sexual activity, using plenty of water. You must be sexually stimulated for the effects to occur. If you have concerns about tolerability, it is advisable to start with half a tablet. You can then adjust the dose to one tablet, although the daily dose should never be exceeded.


In order not to negatively influence the effect, you should refrain from drinking alcohol, nicotine and grapefruit juice immediately before and after taking it. You can use the supplement on an empty stomach or in combination with a light meal. Please make sure that the dishes are not too fatty. After swallowing, the effect lasts for a full 6 to 7 hours. This gives you enough time for unrestricted and satisfying lovemaking.

cenforce 100 mg 20

€52.00 Regular Price
€39.00Sale Price
  • dosage 100 mg
    time of ingestion 30 minutes before intercourse
    active ingredient sildenafil
    manufacturer Centurion Laboratories
    the taste mint
    duration of action 4  up to 8 hours
    packaging Neutral
kamagra 100mg
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